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I live in Grand Haven, Michigan, and since I’m compelled to shoot photos as often as I can dream up even the flimsiest excuse, the majority of my personal work reflects what I’m able to ‘see’ in this western Michigan area, from the natural beauty of beaches and shoreline landscapes up and down Lake Michigan, to the urban and industrial decay seen in Grand Rapids or Muskegon as it awaits either demolition or redevelopment into something new again, either way changing the many architectural lines and angles scattered all around us, mixing with the always-changing light to offer up infinite possibilities for new photographs...or something like that...

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"I believe in equality for everyone,
except reporters and photographers."

Mahatma Gandhi

A regularly-changing assortment of my art-prints can be seen at C2C Gallery, 104 Washington St. in Grand Haven.  Winner of the People's Choice Award for Best Grand Haven Art Gallery two years in a row, C2C Gallery features over 35 artists in painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics and more...