Walma Compositions | Grand Haven Posters

Lighthouse Red, Grand Haven PosterBlack & White Sunset, Grand Haven Poster225th Anniversary Coast Guard Poster (2015)Electric Sunset (2016 ArtWalk Prize winner)Green on the Bayou, Grand Haven PosterLighthouse in Winter, Grand Haven PosterFoggy Pier, Grand Haven PosterIcons at the Beach, Grand Haven PosterSeasonal Bi-Polar Disorder, Grand Haven PosterSave the Catwalk Poster No. 1Save the Catwalk Poster No. 2Save the Catwalk Poster No. 3Under the Docks, Grand Haven PosterThe Pier in Black & White, Grand Haven PosterDowntown Backsides, Grand Haven PosterStairs Behind The Scenes, Grand Haven PosterThe Grand River Times (no. 1)The Grand River Times (no. 2)The Grand River Times (no. 3)The Grand River Times (no. 4)