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Window on the PastScrap Heap (Spring Lake 2016)Industrial AutumnIndustrial Muskegon Series (no. 2)Klingman's Furniture Warehouse Series (no. 3)Industrial Muskegon Series (no. 1)Klingman's Furniture Warehouse Series (no. 1)Power Plant in Retirement (no. 3)Spring in the Greenhouse (no. 3)Power Plant in Retirement (no. 1)Power Plant in Retirement (no. 2)Vacated Nursery (no. 1)Power Plant in Retirement (no. 4)Grand Rapids URBAN Landscapes (no. 1)Industrial Spring Day (no. 1)Grand Rapids URBAN Landscapes (no. 2)Grand Rapids URBAN Landscapes (no. 7)Industrial Muskegon Series (no. 7)Industrial Spring Day (no. 4)Industrial Muskegon Series (no. 6)